Puppy's New Family

"Our puppies are top of the hill!"

Fancy Pants

Chelsey has adopted Fancy, but she hasn't gone far.

"Here are a few shots of Fancy.  I don't have very many that show off her BEAUTIFUL colors, because she is so fast!  I have to get her when she is sleeping and that usually means she is on her back stretched out as far as her little legs will go!  She has brought me so much joy, even when she wakes up at 3:30 am to go outside!  I love her so very much and am so grateful for everything your family did to ensure I received my perfect baby!"

Enjoy these pictures of us and Fancy.  She absolutely LOVES the snow!  Even if she disappears underneath it, she just pops out and keeps on running!   Chelsey and Jeff


This is Shorty with her keeper Emma.  She has found a wonderful family here in Missouri.

"We love her to pieces.  She is the sweetest little dog and just loves to be around people.  It is just a joy to have this sweet little girl around – nothing makes you feel better than when you see her soft, brown eyes and her tail wagging like crazy!"  Marsha, Dale, Ben, Justin & Emma


Shaun and family have adopted Lola and taken her all the way to California.

"She is wonderful.  She loves to nap in her doggy bed but definitely has to sleep in our bed at night.  I was originally afraid of smashing her, but she is a tough little cookie."  Shaun


Rachel and her sister have adopted Gertie, and she hasn't gone far.

"She's happy and healthy.  We call her Gertie.  She's part of the family now."  Rachel


Tanya and her family have adopted Fionna and taken her to her new home in Indiana.

"She is cute as ever.  And let me tell you, she has a full personality for such a little dog. She loves the kids and the cats a lot.  She is more of a man's dog.  I know she loves me but she would rather cuddle with a boy/guy.  That is because mom always has to do the punishment.  Fionna also like big dogs.  She would rather play with them.  She sticks her nose up in the air to little dogs like she is better than them.  Also, she thinks she is our Rott not a doxie.  We do love her to death though."  Tanya and Family

Mr. Bojangles

Alex & Katie have adopted Mr. Bojangles and taken him to Indiana.

"He is such a playful, energetic and loving little guy. He really enjoys playing with the cat, Pixie, and he also loves playing with his toys, especially ones he can rip the squeakers out of! He likes to burrow in the covers when he sleeps – no dog bed for him. He may be small, but his ego definitely isn’t; he likes to bark at bigger dogs and he seems to be fearless. He’s become part of the family, and we love him so much."  Alex & Katie


John and Merry haven't taken Mocha very far ... just down the road as a matter of fact.

"First of all the silver dapple dachshund we adopted is wonderful!!  She is adapting well; we named her Mochachina, Mocha for short.  I wanted to know what you bathed her in on Sunday when we met her?  We really enjoyed meeting you and your family.  Thank you!"  John & Merry


"Pat, just thought I would send you some updated pictures of Morgan. She's wonderful."  Betty & Brad


"Here are some pictures of Zoe now that she is nearing her 1st birthday. There are some earlier pictures of her & the most recent were made on the 4th of July. She is a beautiful dog with a great personality & very loving. Zoe & her big sister,Lucy, get along very well & play alot together. Zoe has been a delightful addition to the family."   Mike & Debbie​​

Note: To those of you who have adopted puppies from us,
please feel free to send pictures of your babies to
[email protected] .  We love to see updates!