Puppy's New Family

"Our puppies are top of the hill!"


This is Elle with her buddy Shelby.  She has found a wonderful family here in Missouri.

"She is doing well, very healthy & working on potty training & biting.. It really hurts when those little teeth get a hold of your toes..LOL The Vet says she is a very healthy little puppy & that the breeder (you) did a great job. She is 10 wks old now & still super little, only 2.5 lbs. at her last visit was Aug 28th. I just wanted to say Thanks. Our family loves her!!"  Traci​​


"Things are going well with Lola. She has become the center of attention in our family.  She is improving in her potty training but still makes mistakes.  She is beautiful isn't she!"  Kevin

"I just wanted to let you know after six months Lola is the queen of the house. She has been an awesome addition to our home. She is the boy's little sister! Here she is at six months."  Kevin


"He is doing well; we have finally mastered potty training. I plan to get him in some obedience classes; I want him to learn the basic commands. He is a wonderful puppy; everyone likes him. He is so friendly and lovable."  Michelyn

Captain Bob

Rachelle has adopted Captain Bob and taken him to New York.


"Hi Pat! I just wanted to give you a quick update on my little Mimi! She could not be a cuter dog and she has brought me, my mom and dad so much joy every single day. She is up to date on all of her shots and the vet said she is perfect; couldn't be healthier. My dad and I are home all day everyday so she's learning a lot of tricks very quickly. She's very smart! We are still working on potty training but she's doing much better! My mom hurries home from work everyday just to see her! She has completely taken over our house, but thats ok! :) She has more toys than she can play with and is a very happy puppy who loves to cuddle and is convinced any person that comes to our house is hete to see her! Thanks so much for our bundle of joy!!!"  Shannon

Vito & Pepper

"The two puppies are now 12 weeks old. They are doing excellent. Both are healthy and enjoying the beautiful wheather in Scottsdale Arizona. We named them Vito and Pepper (Vito is the male and the larger of the two). Thank you for going the extra mile for us. We are enjoying their company and all the love they give us."  Tammy & Randy


"Hi Pat!  It's so hard to believe that it has been 6 weeks since I've took home my first puppy Midas. He's so great! He's catching on to the whole potty trainning thing very well, and he's such a joy to have around! Sadly his chocolate brown fir is becoming lighter each day, but he's still got his cute little brown nose :-) He loves to chew, we've got him a ton of chew toys, but he never chews on them of course, he goes after the shoes, rugs, and anything else he can get his little paws on! We love him though and I just wanted to thank you for everything that you've done for us! You truly have a gift of raising great puppies. You are very prompt and organized about your business and I couldn't appriciate you more! I think Midas needs a little girl play mate, so we'll keep or eyes on your website for maybe a little girl maltipoo to join him! I've attached an update photo if you wanted to place it on your website! Thanks again and I will continue to keep you posted!  Thanks again!"  Leandra


"Hello Pat!  Last year we adopted a malti-poo puppy from you. This was the litter that was born on July 4th 2008.  We named him Sebastian, and he's doing wonderful. He's a great part of the family and we have enjoyed every minute with him.  He's incredibly smart and fun!  Some of my neighbors have fell in love with him, and I gave them your website because they want a maltipoo as well.  Below is a picture of Sebastion, I believe a month or so after we got him. Sorry that I don't have more recent pictures of him.  Thanks again for the wonderful dog!"  Andrea


"Hi Pat!  Here is a photo of Daisy and my daughter Victoria when we got home from the airport and a couple from when we picked her up at the airport.  We just love her sooo much!  Thank you for everything.  It was a pleasure getting my puppy from you.  You and your family were very warm and reassuring, made the whole expierence that much better!=)  Thanks Again!"  Ryan, Kirstina, Victoria, and Daisy! xoxo


"This is right after Molly's first grooming.  She did very well..we absolutely adore her."  Pauline & David
Note: To those of you who have adopted puppies from us,
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