Family Updates


"Our puppies are top of the hill!"


"I wanted to say Thank you!!  We have one of the best dogs, thanks to you and your very good breeding!  She has been the best puppy.  She sleeps all night and has not pottied in the house one time.  I can't believe it.  She has really caught on to her big brothers lead and follows right after them.
I have attached some pictures of Sophie so you can see our baby!"  Kevin & Tammi​​


"I just wanted to thank you so much because Gordie is more than I could have ever asked for in my first dog. Nothing is better than coming home at the end of the day to his warm welcome. He loves playing with his uncles Bailey and Charlie. If he isn't with them he is right by my side. He can play all day, but after he tires out nothing makes him happier than taking a nap in my lap. He's really the sweetest puppy and has brought an immense amount of joy to my life over the past few months. I'm so thankful to have picked him!"  Perri

"Just so you know Gordie is doing well and ruling the house. He somehow taught himself how to skateboard."  Steve

"My dad told me you wanted to see a video of Gordie skateboarding. Here are two links to videos I posted on YouTube. If you'd like some more let me know, I'm sure Gordie wouldn't mind going for some more rides!"  Perri  and


"She is happy, healthy and loves to snuggle on the couch and give kisses.  She goes to doggie daycare a couple of times a week and loves to play with the other dogs.  She is curious, determined and recently particpated in an Earth Dog event and seems to have great skills as a tracker!
Scarlett turns 1 year old on 12/26 and I'm having a big birthday party for her with all the family dogs.  Should be a riot.
Thanks again for bringing such joy into my life!" Laura


"Hi Pat, I took Schatzie to my dentist who is a long time Dachshund owner, and he fell in love with her.  He took this picture. Thanks Again."  Theresa​​


"I hope this email finds you and your family well. It's been almost a year since I purchased Penny. I feel like you are her original family and should see how she doing so attached are some recent pictures of her. Enjoy =)
You were such great help, and I know I would go to no one else to purchase another addition to my family. Thank you so much. She has been a great addition to this family. She is funny, intelligent and full of energy. We believe she considers herself one of us, not a dog, which has made me think strongly of getting her a sister or brother. So you will hear from me soon about another dachshund."  Carla

Murphy Rose

"Dear Ms Pat, Thank you for giving me such a wonderful start in life. My mom and Dad say it is because of you that I am so sweet, smart and healthy. I love everyone, most especially my mommy cause she feeds me and cuddles me for my naps. I must be a very funny puppy because my mom and dad are always laughing at all the cute things I do. I live with a very big white cat that acts like I am a nuisance, but I know deep down he loves me because he always gives me "high fives".... at least I think that is what he is doing.  But just so you know I still remember you and all the good times on the farm."  Love, Murphy Rose Johnson


"Good day to you and Merry Christmas as well!!! Sorry it's taken so long to get back with you, but after getting Mom's "present" home and taken care of I had to get everything else done before Christmas got her. After much thinking and changing her mind, Mom finally decided to name her puppy Midget. We think it's a pretty fitting name!! Here's some pictures of her doing what she does best (sleeping) and unwrapping her Christmas present, which was a bone and there's one of her with Mom as well. We all love her a lot and laugh everyday at something she has done. Usually it's playing with the cats, though one in particular she really has fun with running from one end of the house to the other!!!! And they tackle each other and trip each other, just basically anything they can do to harass the other one!!! Thanks again for such a cute and funny little dog. The house will never be the same and we wouldn't want it any other way!! hahaha "  Angie & Froncie​​


"I purchased a dachshund from you in about March/April of 08.  I believe she was from the litter of Salome.  This is Serena.  She is now 16 months. We couldn't imagine life without her!  She is doing great and we love her so much!  We would like to purchase another puppy!"  Chris



Mr. Piddles & Pretzel

"The boys are really fitting in the family well.  The kids are fighting over who gets to hold them.  I know that won't last long.  Mr. Piddles and Pretzel have been a great addition to our family.  Even if the cat doesn't think so.  Thanks!"  Preston and Vicki​​


"Jack has adjusted nicely to his new home and my eldest dachshund, Sadie, has finally warmed up to him.  Jack is also a huge fan of my son!  He follows him around wherever he goes!  It's ADORABLE!  I'm attaching a few pictures for you to have a look at!  The quality isn't that great but the pictures were taken from my cell phone so that's why.  Have a wonderful day!"  Lindsay​​


Raechelle has given Harmony a new home.

If you who have adopted a puppy from us,
please feel free to send pictures of your babies to
[email protected] .  We love to see updates!